Facebook Retargeting Ads


Everything You Need To Know To Turn A Non-Buyer Into A Customer!

What We Will Cover In The Event...

  • The BEST Custom Audience Training You Will Ever Find!

  • Step-By-Step Retargeting Ad Setup 

  • Understanding ROAS

  • What's The Best Budget For Retargeting Ads?

  • Best Images To Use To Increase Conversions

  • How To Know If Your Ad Is Successful 

The Experts

Courtney Tarrent

Facebook Expert

Courtney has taken clients to 7 figures just with great Facebook and Instagram Ads. Courtney offers a holistic approach to advertising on FB.

Her 2 key differences are;
1. Everything is worth testing (right)

2. Start with a great retargeting  ad funnel

Caroline Balinska

Shopify Expert

The founder of Just Ask Parker

Caroline is the go to for newbie Shopify Merchants.

If you earn under $20,000 a month Caroline has the right advice

to help you  start and grow a very successful business without wasting time and money

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